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BOWIE  (240) 260-3141
  COLLEGE PARK   (301)477-2195

House Rules

House Rules

1. We guarantee great food…everything else is left
to chance.
(We try our hardest though, we really do!)

2. We do not provide individual checks; however,
we will allow up to 3 forms of payment.

3. 18% gratuity added to parties of 5 or more OR
checks larger than $150.

4. NO modifications to the TOP TEN BRUNCH MENU
signature items. (If you have a food allergy, please
choose another item without the allergen.)

5. Be nice!
6. No reservations. Unless you’re Barack Obama
(Hey, there’s exceptions to every rule.)

7. Wait times are estimates, not prophecies. We
TOTALLY understand if you can't wait during busy
times. We don't want you mad at us bc you
waited...get it?

8. No table hibernation. (Others gotta eat too.)

9. If we prepare your selected item to our menu
specifications, we will not remove that item from your
bill. Our entrees are not "samples". Thanks!

10. No parties larger than 8 on days that end with
Y. (We’re a small place, and when we get busy
large groups are hard to accommodate.

11. We seat complete parties ONLY.

12. We have no waiting area inside, sorry. (Keep in
mind, if on the wait list you can receive a call when
your table is ready. Naps in your car are fine!)
*Remember – this is supposed to be fun!*